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1STEP is a toolset to assist club and community leaders in making their spaces more engaging by organizing learning resources into step-by-step paths with XP and milestone rewards along the way. Use 1STEP to craft your own custom growth trees and skill journeys for your members.

Challenges of Organizing a Community

It can be difficult to maintain growth and new member engagement in a club where, more often than not, the members (and leadership) are an unpaid, uncredited group.

This leads to a tricky problem: new members need guidance when coming into the community, but as a new member, it is hard to know where to start. There's always the "#Resources" channel on your community's messaging app, but even that can be hard to navigate: What order should you read the resources in? What benefit do I get from reading?

That is what 1STEP does - its a way to organize onboarding resources in a step-by-step structure with rewards along the way.

Your community members will be able to step through the most important learning for your community and be recognized for doing so, through the XP they earn along the way.

Isn't there already amazing resources on the Internet?

Undoubtedly. But the incredible amount of information that the Internet provides is also its weakness. It is like being dropped into the middle of the ocean - we often don't know which direction to swim in to get where we want to go.

By using 1STEP, you will be able to add structure and order to the online resources that your community uses to help new members get up to speed and veteran members engaged and active.

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